luni, 15 aprilie 2013

Piatra Craiului

RO: Masivul Piatra Craiulu, adeseori Munții Piatra Craiului, sau Piatra Craiului sau chiar Crai, este un lanț muntos calcaros aflat la sud-vestul Carpaților Orientali, dar care aparține lanțului Carpaților Meridionali, găsindu-se în nord-estul acestora.

EN:  The Piatra Craiului Mountains are a mountain range in the Southern Carpathians in Romania. In Romanian "Piatra Craiului" means "Rock of the King". The Piatra Craiului mountains form a narrow and saw-like ridge, which is about 25 km (16 mi) long. The highest elevation in the massif is the "Vârful La Om" at 2,238 metres (7,343 ft). The ridge is regarded as one of the most beautiful sites in the Carpathians. The two-day north–south ridge trail is both challenging and rewarding. Starting at either Plaiul Foii in the north-west or Curmătura in the north-east, walkers climb up to the ridge before following a somewhat precarious path along the narrow spine. The descent at the southern end leads into a karst landscape of deep gorges and pitted slopes where water penetrating the rock has carved a series of caves.